Sl. No. Subject NRO File Number Date of receipt in NRO Date of Intimation to State Government File Number of State Govternment/Nodal Officer
1 Diversion of 0.3293 ha of forest land in favour of Sub Divisional Engineer, P.H. Engg. Sub division no. Hisar for permission of laying of prop. 300mm i/D RCC NP2 Pipe in Channel from B.L.C Distry at RD 226834-R to existing water works at Village Charnaund, under forest division and District Hisar Haryana. (online proposal no. FP/HR/Water/43922/2020). 9-HRB062-2020-CHA 24.08.2020 02.09.2020 Admin-D-III-8916/6669
2 Diversion of 0.0106 ha of forest land for construction of approach road to School on NH 10, km. 212.308 at Village Bhima Basti, under forest division and distt Fatehabad, Haryana. 9-HRB755-2007-CHA 24.08.2020 02.09.2020 Admin-D-III-3095/6749
3 Diversion of 23.87 ha of forest land (closed under section 4 & 5 of Punjab Land Preservation Act, 1900) in favour of Inspector General of Police, I.R.B., Bhondsi (Gurugram) for construction of building and road from Police Training & Research, Indian Reserve Batalian along Bhondsi-Damdama-Rithoj road, Km. 3, L/side, at Bhondsi, under Forest Division and District Gurugram, Haryana 9-HRC008-2020-CHA 24.08.2020 02.09.2020 Admin-D-III-9160/3871
4 Diversion of 0.032 ha of forest land for access to Mis Jagmohan Motors Pvt. Ltd., along Hansi-Hisar road, kID. 7.700, L/side, Hansi, under forest division and District Hisar, Haryana. (online proposal no. FPIHR/Approach/45242/2020). 9-HRB071-2020-CHA 28.08.2020 14.09.2020 FP/HR/Approach/45242/2020
5 Diversion of 0.1785 ha of forest land in favour of Executive Engineer, Provincial Division PWD B&R Br., Narwana for construction of new road from Narwana Dhakal road to NH 71, under Forest Division and distrct Jind, Haryana. 9-HRB072-2020-CHA 28.08.2020 15.09.2020 FP/HR/ROAD/44446/2020
6 Diversion of 0.60831 ha of forest land in favour of SDO, Const. S/Division, HVPNL, Kaithal for construction of 132 KV D/C Neemwala Command Point to 132 S/Stn, Nautch & Siwan line crossing various strips of protected forest land, under Forest Division and district Kaithal, Haryana. 9-HRB073-2020-CHA 28.08.2020 16.09.2020 FP/HR/Trans/41475/2020
7 Diversion of 22.94 ha of forest land in favour of Sub Divisional Officer, Water Services Sub Division, Irrigation and Water Resources Deptt., Dadupur for Parallel Lined Channel (PLC) project from RD 0 (Dadupur Head) to 68220 (Hamida Head), under forest division and District Yamunanagar, Haryana 9-HRC048-2020-CHA 28.08.2020 25.09.2020 Admin-D-3-9362/6420
8 Diversion of 0.0054 hec. of forest land for access to M/s Shree Hari Har Comfort along NH-1,(Now NH-44) to Kutail road (ODR), near K.m stone no.02, at Village Kutail, Tehsil Gharaunda, Distt. Karnal, Haryana. 9-HRB074-2020-CHA 28.08.2020 25.09.2020 FP/HR/Approach/41825/2019
9 Diversion of Forest Land of 0.00869 Ha. for access to M/s Herman Properties Pvt. Ltd. for developing of DeenDayal Jan AwasYojana on Delhi Ambala road NH-1 (New NH-44), at km 97.560 (RHS), at Village SimlaMolana, Tehsil & Distt. Panipat Haryana. 9-HRB075-2020-CHA 28.08.2020 25.09.2020 FP/HR/Approach/47434/2020
10 Diversion of 0.0096 ha of forest land for approach road to Narang Devi Jain Memorial Trust Malabar College of Engineering along NH-71, Rohtak-Jind road, km 11-12, Rlside, at village Chandi, under Forest Division and District Rohtak, Haryana (online proposal no. FPIHR/OTHERS/582/2011)Permission to withdraw the proposal-reg. 9-HRB509-2011-CHA 28.08.2020 25.09.2020 Admin-D-3-3618-7056
11 Proposal for diversion of forest land for laying drinking water pipeline (DI Pipeline) of size, 200, 300, 600mm for supply of drinking water to various village (vill. Ranyala, Agaon, Hasanpur Balonda, Kol gaon, Sakras gao etc.) of district Mewat 9-HRB076-2020-CHA 22.09.2020 29.09.2020 FP/HR/WATER/37822/2018
12 Diversion of 0.94 ha of forest land in favour of Executive Engineer, TS division, HVPNL, Faridabad for construction of 66 KV S/Stn., at Village Sarai Khawaja, under forest division and District Faridabad, Haryana 9-HRB051-2020-CHA 22.09.2020 29.09.2020 Admin-D-3-9338/6288