Proposals Received From State Government of Haryana and their Status
Sr. No. Sl. No./ Diary No. NRO File Number Letter Number of Sender Date of Sender/ Proposal Received in NRO on State Subject Public/Private Village Area Catagory Division District Status Date
1 27 9-HRB030/2020-CHA FP/HR/Approach/43489/2019 Online 19.05.2020 19.05.2020 HR NOC for diversion of forest land of 0.0130 hectare area for our IOCL Retail Outlet Tosam-Bawani Khera Road at Village Bawani Khera, Distt. Bhiwani Public 0.013 Approach Bhiwani Bhiwani
2 28 9-HRB031-2020-CHA FP/HR/ROAD/44272/2020 Online 28.05.2020 28.05.2020 HR Widening of road from Mahavir Chowk Narnaul to Huda gate on Narnaul Mahendergarh road under forest division and district Mahendergarh. The proposal approved by Director Local and Urban bodies Haryana Panchkula and CM announcement 10-01-2019 Public 0.99 Road Mahendergarh Mahendergarh Information Sought 09 June, 2020
3 29 9-HRB032-2020-CHA FP/HR/ROAD/44220/2020 Online 27.05.2020 27.05.2020 HR Construction of super passage structure at km 2.997 of Musepur Disty in under forest division and district Rewari. The project approved Chief Engineer Irr. & Wr Deptt Haryana Panchkula wide letter 5755 dated 14-12-2018. Public 2.997 Road Panchkula Panchkula Information Sought 09 June, 2020
4 30 9-HRB033-2020-CHA FP/HR/ROAD/43335/2019 Online 27.05.2020 27.05.2020 HR Diversion of 0.665 Ha of forest Land for Widening and Drian of Road NH-65(New NH-152) from km 05-11 in Distt Ambala Public 0.665 Road Ambala Ambala Stage I Approved 09 June, 2020
5 31 9-HRB034-2020-CHA  FP/HR/Approach/40237/2019 Online 20.05.2020 28.05.2020 HR This is a proposal of diversion of Forest Land of 0.1175Ha. for access to Motel Belonging to Smt. Sheela Devi W/o Sh. Ram Mehar Saini on Delhi-Hisar Highway NH-09, AT Km Stone No. 142, Village Dhana, Tehsil Hansi, Disst. Hisar (HR). Private 0.1175 Approach Hissar Hissar Stage I Approved 09 June, 2020
6 32 9-HRB035-2020-CHA FP/HR/ROAD/43185/2019 Online 02.06.2020 02.06.2020 HR Diversion of 0.90 ha of forest land in favour of Municipal Engineer, Municipal Council, Narnaul for widening and strengthening of road from Govt. Girls College, Narnaul to Behrore road upto old MC area Narnaul, under forest division and District Mahendergarh, Haryana Public 0.9 Road Mahendergarh Mahendergarh Information Sought 18 June, 2020