Sl No. N.R.O. File No. Name of the PP Subject Area (in Hec.) Category District State Approx. Investment proposed by the PP (in Rs. In Crore) Employment likely to be generated Benefits of the project Public/Private To be felled (in No.) Compensatory Afforestation(in Hetare) Penal Compensator Afforestation (in Ha) Amount of CA (in Rs) Amount of Penal CA (in Rs) Amount of NPV (in Rs) Date of Approval (Stage I) Date of initial Receipt of proposal for final Approival in NRO Date of Receipt of proposal in this office (in complete form) for final approval No of Days Taken by State Govt. for final Approval Date of Approval (Stage II) No of Days Taken by Ad-hoc CAMPA for Confirmation No of Days Taken by N.R.O. for final Approval
Trees Plants/Poles Non Forest Land Forest Land No. of Plants Non-Forest Land Forest Land No. of Plants
1 9-PBB084-2013-CHA Saini Developers and Promoters Pvt. Ltd Diversion of 0.0166 hectare of forest land for construcHon of 9 meter service road outside the ROW of KH to the show room~ by M/s Saini Developers & Promoters Pvt. Ltd. at Village Lalru on Ambala Chandigarh Section of NH-152 (old NH 21 ~ 22) road between km 19-20 L/s, Tehsil Derabassi under Forest Division and District SAS Nagar Pun~'ab 0.0166 Others SAS Nagar Punjab 3 10 Public Utility Private 0 0 0 0.042 0 0 0 0 11485 0 10390 04.03.2013 28.04.2016 18.04.2017 1506 24.04.2017 1 5
2 9-PBB308-2015-CHA Lakshmi Farm House "Diversion of 0.06788 hectare of forest land in favour of Lakshmi Farm House for passage to M/s Lakshmi Farm House on PF-III RD Kalyan Pull to Uchha Pull Rauni L/s under Forest Division and District Patiala, Punjab" 0.06788 Others Patiala Punjab 6 10 Public Utility Private 12 0 0 0.17 0 0 0.6788 0 86485 345329 60210 02.09.2015 16.03.2017 18.04.2017 594 24.04.2017 1 5