Sl. No. Subject NRO File Number Date of receipt in NRO Date of Intimation to State Government File Number of State Govternment/Nodal Officer
1 Diversion of 0.4335 ha of forest land for Toll Plaza on Patiala-Sangrur-Barnala-Bathinda road NH-64 (new NH NO. 07) km. 80.950-81500 B/s under forest division and distt. Sangrur. 9-PBB408-2016-CHA 01 January, 2018 09 January, 2018 FCA/1980/216/2016/6572
2 Diversion of 0.0253 ha of forest land in faVOllI of Mis Punjab Agro Juc:es Limiite1l for construction of approach road to their Multi Fruit & Veg. processing 'UlDit at viLlag~ Alarngarh on Abohar-Ganganagar Road KM 5-6 Ris under Forest Division, Di3itrict Ferozepur, Punjab 9-PBB471-2008-CHA 01 January, 2018 10 January, 2018 FCA/1980/3703/2483
3 Diversion of 0.0092 I:a of farest land in favour of JOCL for approach road to their Petrol Pump at Ludhjana-Hisar Road (KJvI 62-63), at Dhuri City (Sangrur) falling under Divisional Forest Office, SangruL Punjab 12-16-1992-ROC 01 January, 2018 12 January, 2018 FCA/1980/69/2015/2498
4 Change of CA site in respect of diver-sion of 713.911 ba (116.084 ha in Patiala Forest Division + 118.637 ha in Fateh~arh Sahib F"rest Diyision + ~68.:614 ha in Ludhiana Forest Division + 210.576 ha in Jalanlilhar Forest DiTision) of forest ~and in Fayour of National Highway Authority of India for 6 llUlning of l\'"H-1 fE-om km. 212.161 to lan. 239.6700 B/s, kIn. 239.700 to km. 267.7'00 His, km. 261.600 to kID. 329.00 and lan. 329.00 to km. 387.100 under Forest DivisioIil and ['istricts PatiaJa, Uala:ndbar" & Ludhiana Punjab. 9-PBA059-2009-CHA 01 January, 2018 15 January, 2018 FCA/1980/Change of CA Site/2471
5 Diversion of 1.2974 ha of forest land for use of Lift Scheme for Village panniwala fatta out falling 41050 of Bam link Drain, Distt. Fazilka under Forest Division Sri Mukatsar Sahib 9-PBB451-2015-CHA 01 January, 2018 22 January, 2018 FCA/1980/227/2015/4503
6 Diversion of 0.2067 ha. of forest land in favour or Executive Engineer, Pb. \VIs & Sewerage Division No.1, Jalandhar for laying e,f sewerage pipe line at JalandharAmritsarroad km. 418-420 Lis at Rayya Town urJder Forest Division and District Amritsar, Punjab 9-PBB617-2011-CHA 01 January, 2018 29 January, 2018 FCA/1980/5138/2603
7 Diversion of 0.003671 ha (instead of 0.0020 ha) of forest land in favour of Chariman Globedge Foundation, Rampura Phul (Bathinda) for approval way to school on Barnala-Bathinda road km 183-184 L/s at Village Lehra Dhulkot (M/s Mount Litera Zee School) falling under Forest Division Bathinda 9-PBB591-2014-CHA 01 January, 2018 30 January, 2018 FCA/1980/214/2014/2746
8 Diversion of 3.04 ha (1.638+1.402) in (Ludhiana Division 1.638 ha in Ferozepur division 1.402 ha) of forest land for four lajning of Ludhiana Talwandi section of Nh-95 from km. 91.3949 to km123.700 (in forest division and distt. Ludhiana) 9-PBB444-2017-CHA 01 January, 2018 30 January, 2018 FCA/1980/185-196/2017/2219-24