Sl. No. Subject NRO File Number Date of EDS Sought
1 9-PBB375-2015-CHA Diversion of 0.0085 ha of forest land for approach road to Sahil Spintex Ltd. Budhlada-Ratia road KM 27-28 R/side, Village Bhola, Tehsil Bhuhlada, Ilncler Forest Division and Disll'id Mansa, Punjab 03 January, 2022
2 9-PBB236-2007-CHA Diversion of 1.796 ha of forest land for permission of transfer of Govt. of Bir Chart. The land falling in the bed of river Ghaggar required for construction of w~ir and its appurtenant works fol' making Banur canal system from non perennial to perennial Forest Division & District SAS Nagar, Punjab 03 January, 2022
3 9-PBB275-2009-CHA Diversion of 0.0147 ha of forest land for construction of approach road to Omaxe Group Housing at Village Mahamadpur on Banur-Tepla road & Banur-Tepla Dyepass, under Forest Division & District Patiala, Punjab 03 January, 2022
4 9-PBB316-2016-CHA Diversion of 0.003 ha of forest land for approach road to Mis Guru Mehar Trading Co. Budhlada-Ratia road Km 30-31 kRlside~ villaee l'llkhiwal Tehsil Budhlada, uU{]~r fqrest division & District Mansa, Punjab 03 January, 2022
5 9-PBB047-2009-CHA Diversion of 0.25 ha of forest land in favour of Ex. Engineer, Drainage Division Hoshiarpur for making of Bandh & Providing Studs having HB No. 466 Village Manhota, under Forest Division & District Hoshiarpur, Punjab. 03 January, 2022
6 9-PBB458-2011-CHA Diversion of 0.1125 ha of forest land for laying of underground pipe for disposal of waste water in drain by Gram Panchayat VPO Golewala on Fllridlwt FcrOZCpUl" road, lull. 15.~ tu 18 at vUlage Golewala, District Faridkot, under Forest division Ferozepur, Punjab 13 January, 2022
7 9-PBB313-2016-CHA Diversion of 0.11274 ha offorest land for approach road to Mis Bajoria Agro Processing Pvt. Ltd., at Village Sayadan waH on Abohar-Ganga Nabar road near km stone no 30 R/~ide, Tdtsil AL.JOhar under forest division Sri Muktsar Sahib and District Fazilka, Punjab 13 January, 2022
8 9-PBB350-2010-CHA Diversion of 0.00768 ha (instead of 0.0091 ha) of forest land for construction approach road to Dhillon Dhaba on Patiala-Sangrur road Km 103-104 Rlside, at village Bhindran under forest division and District San~rur. Punjab 03 January, 2022
9 9-PBC002-2022-CHA Diversion of 15.831 ha (12.1853 ha in Amritsar Forest division and 3.6457 ha in Jalandhar forest division) for Development of Greenfield Amritsar Connectivity from Km 0+000 to Km 99+000 of Delhi–Amritsar-Katra Expressway (NE-5A). This Project starts at KM 0+000 from Village Kang Sahbu in Jalandhar District and ends at KM 99+000 in Village Harsh Chinna in Amritsar District in Punjab State. 18 January, 2022
10 9-PBB384-2021-CHA Diversion of 0.96 ha. of land develop a world class Eco-tourism destination in the state of Punjab which is owned by Mr Kanwaljit Singh Dhillon at village Majrian, Tehsil Kharar, under forest Division and Distt SAS Nagar 18 January, 2022
11 9-PBC303-2022-CHA Diversion of 5.842 ha. Permission for Upgradation and Widening of Samana-Bhawanigarh Road from Km 3.00 to 20.30 B/S in the state of Punjab under CRIF 2020-21 Scheme, under Forest Division Patiala, District Patiala and Forest Division Sangrur, District Sangrur, Punjab. 18 January, 2022
12 9-PBB304-2022-CHA Diversion of 1.117375 ha. of land for Construction of LILO of 220KV Line from Sunam to Mansa at 400 KV Patran, under forest Division Patiala and Sangrur 18 January, 2022
13 9-PBB655-2011-CHA Diversion of 0.0296 ha of forest land for permission for passage to Hotel Marvel Residency Pvt. On Zirakpur-Patiala road KM 2-3 Rlside, under Forest division and District SAS Nagar,Punjab 18 January, 2022
14 9-PBB402-2014-CHA Diversion of 0.0184 ha (0.0132 ha diversion + 0.0052 ha re-diversion) of forest land in favour of Mis Anesthetic, Gases Private Limited for construction of approach road to their factory unit at village Gholumajra 011 Ambala-Chancligarh rl)lld, NH-22 & 21 (New NH-152), between Km. 25-26 Rlside, Tehsil Derabassi, under forest division and District SAS Nagar, Punjab 18 January, 2022
15 9-PBB353-2015-CHA Diversion of 0.00459 ha of forest land for access to the Mis Karan Rice Export Pvt. Ltd. at village Madinpur on Payal-Dhamot (Maloud Road) KM 4-5 Rlside, Tehsil Payal-Dhamot (Maloud Road) KM 4-5 Risiclp., Tp.hsil Payal under forest division Ilnd District Ludhiana, Punjab 18 January, 2022
16 9-PBB481-2021-CHA Diversion of 0.2046 ha. of forest land in favour of M/s AMG Cosmo OPC Pvt. Ltd. for construction of approach road to affordable residential Plotted Colony at village Peer Muchella Forest, under Forest Division & Distt. S.A.S.Nagar, Punjab 21 January, 2022
17 9-PBB326-2021-CHA Relaxation in condition no A (vi) of Stage-I approval dated 24.03.2021 in respect of diversion of 0.3225 Hec. of forest area along the canal in favour of Central works Division No:2, PWD(B&R) BTI for Rehabilitation and Up-gradation to 2 lane with paved shoulders of Salabatpura to Phul under forest division and distt Bathinda Punjab 21 January, 2022
18 9-PBB051-2010-CHA Diversion of 0.0080 ha of forest land for construction of approach road to the HBN Shopping Mall-Cum-Multiplex on Bathinda-Goniana road KM 4-5 R/side (M/s DaIries & Allied Pvt. Ltd.) under forest division and District Bathinda, Punjab 21 January, 2022
19 9-PBB382-2020-CHA Diversion of 0.0053 ha of forest land for the permission for Construction of approach access Shiva Casting Pvt. Ltd village Tooran, on Nabha-Gobindgarh Road KM 52 to 53 L/side, Tehsil Amloh, District Fatehgarh Sahib, under Forest Division Patiala, Punjab. 21 January, 2022
20 9-PBB388-2021-CHA Diversion of 0.0033 ha of forest land in favour of H K Palace for approach road to HK Palace at village Gandhiya, Jail Road, under forest division and District Gurdaspur, Punjab. 21 January, 2022