Proposals Received From State Government of Punjab and their Status
Sr. No. Sl. No./ Diary No. NRO File Number Letter Number of Sender Date of Sender/ Proposal Received in NRO on State Subject Public/Private Village Area Catagory Division District Status Date
1 56 9-PBB356-2018-CHA
FP/PB/TRANS/23170/2016 FCA/1980/93/ 2018/339 05.06.18 06.06.18 PB Diversion of 0.0846 hectares of forest land in favour of PSPCL for construction of 66 KV ring main line from 220 KV G/S/Station GNTP Lehra Mohabbat to 66 KV G/S/S Phool SC/DC tower line (Mehraj Minor RD Piple Pul to Tallwali Pul B/s, Mehraj to Gurusar road KM 1-2 B/s, Rampura to Mehraj Marri road KM- 5-6 B/s, Phul College road to Tail B/s, Rampura-Phul road B/s) under Bathinda forest division. Public 0.0846 Tr.Line Bathinda Bathinda Stage II Approved 13 November, 2018
2 57 9-PBB357-2018-CHA
FP/PB/ROAD/30196/2017 FCA/1980/14/ 2014/363 07.06.18 11.06.18 PB Diversion of 0.004016 ha of forest land for permission for passage to M/s Green View Banquet Hall on Patiala- Bhadson road km 2-3 R/s under forest division Patiala Private 0.004016 others Patiala Patiala Stage II Approved 24 October, 2018
3 58 9-PBB358-2018-CHA
FP/PB/ROAD/30514/2017 FCA/1980/209/2017/362 07.06.18 11.06.18 PB Diversion of 0.0041 ha of forest land for approach road to Royal King Villa Marriage Palace situated at village Bahowal on Rapar- Hoshiarpur road km 75-76 R/s Tehsil Garhshankar under forest division Hoshiarpur, Punjab Private Bahowal 0.0041 others Hoshiarpur Hoshiarpur Stage II Approved 28 September, 2018
4 59 9-PBB359-2018-CHA
FP/PB/OTHERS/33166/2018 FCA/1980/102/2018/392 12.06.18 12.06.18 PB Diversion of 2.2348 ha area closed under section 4&5 of PLPA-1900 in favour of M/s Aerospace Builders for use of land for non forestry purpose Commercial Complex & S.C.Os at village Baliali under forest division and distt. S.A.S. Nagar, Punjab Private Baliali 2.2348 others SAS Nagar SAS Nagar Information Sought 29 NOvember, 2018
5 60 9-PBB360-2018-CHA FP/PB/TRANS/31480/2018 FCA/1980/99/ 2018/398 14.06.18 18.06.18 PB Diversion of 0.1792 ha of forest land for construction of approach road for resettlement of HPCL Retail Outlet at Village Wadala Khurd on Jalandhar-Kapurthala road km 11-13 R/s, existing MDR-52 (New NH 703-A) Tehsil & distt. Kapurthala under forest division Jalandhar, Punjab Public Wadala Khurd 0.1792 Approach Jalandhar Jalandhar Stage II Approved 28 November, 2018
6 61 9-PBB361-2018-CHA
FP/PB/ROAD/32542/2018 FCA/1980/PBIP/ 123/2018/413 18.06.18 18.06.18 PB Diversion of 0.0121 ha of forest land approach road to M/s Baba Naga Pvt. Ltd. At village Talwandi Lal Singh, Tehsil Batala, under forest divsion and distt. Gurdaspur Private Talwandi 0.0121 Approach Gurdaspur Gurdaspur Stage II Approved 22 February, 2019
7 62 9-PBB362-2018-CHA
FP/PB/ROAD/30767/2017 FCA/1980/82/ 2018/448 25.06.18 25.06.18 PB Diversion of 0.056464 ha of forest land for access road to the M/s Nahar Logistic Park Private Limited at village Katani Kalan on Sirhind Canal (H.B. No. 212), Tehsil Sahnewal under forest division & distt. Ludhiana Public Katani Kalan 0.056464 ROAD Ludhiana Ludhiana Stage II Approved 26 December, 2018
8 63 9-PBB363-2018-CHA
FP/PB/APPROACH/33705/2018 FCA/1980/18/ 2018/450 25.06.18 25.06.18 PB Diversion of 0.01794 ha (instead of 0.009244 ha) forest land for access road to the Marriage Palace namely Kapil Kingdom on Ludhiana- Ferozpur road km 103.510 R/s at village Markarima, Tehsil Mullanpur, distt. And under forest division Ludhiana Private Markarima 0.01794 Approach Ludhiana Ludhiana Stage II Approved 30 August, 2018
9 64 9-PBB364-2018-CHA
FP/PB/ROAD/27151/2017 FCA/1980/170/2017/451 25.06.18 25.06.18 PB Diversion of 0.0071025 ha of forest land for permission of approach road to Satkar Palace village Mardanpur on Seel- Ghanour-Shambhu road km 26-27 R/s Tehsil Rajpura under forest division and distt. Patiala, Punjab Public Mardanpur 0.0071025 road Patiala Patiala Stage I Approved 31 October, 2018
10 65 9-PBB365-2018-CHA
FP/PB/Approach/32598/2018 FCA/1980/70/ 2018/449 25.06.18 27.06.18 PB Diversion of 0.0053 ha of forest land for access to Royal Residency Residential Colony at village Kadianwali (Qadianwali) on 66 Feet Road kkm 4-5 R/s tehsil & distt. Jalandhar under forest division, Jalandhar, Punjab Private Kadianwali 0.0053 Approach Jalandhar Jalandhar Stage I Approved 10 December, 2018