Proposals Received From State Government of Punjab and their Status
Sr. No. Sl. No./ Diary No. NRO File Number Letter Number of Sender Date of Sender/ Proposal Received in NRO on State Subject Public/Private Village Area Catagory Division District Status Date
1 62 9-PBB362-2019-CHA FP/PB/Approach/39194/2019 FCA/1980/115/2019/574 27.11.2019 02.12.2019 PB Diversion of 0.199117 hec of forest land for construction of approach access to Residential Property of Mr. Munish Avasthi & Raj Kumar Avasthi at village Morkarima at KM Rd 103.350 R.H.S. On NH-95, Tehsil Mullanpur Dakha, Distt. Ludhiana Private 0.199117 Approach Ludhiana Ludhiana Stage I Approved 16 December, 2019
2 63 9-PBB363-2019-CHA
FP/PB/Road/41993/2019 FCA/1980/233/2019/583 29.11.2019 03.12.2019 PB Diversion of 1.2521 ha of forest land for permission for 4/6 laning of Chandigarh-Ludhiana Road NH-05 (Old NH-95) at Village & Tehsil Samrala, Distt. Ludhiana in the State of Punjab at KM 54+180 to 54+170 KM under Forest Division & Distt. Ludhiana Public 1.2521 Road Ludhiana Ludhiana Stage II Approved 08 July, 2020
3 64 9-PBB364-2019-CHA
FP/PB/Approach/41760/2019 FCA/1980/PBIP/264/2019/592 03.12.2019 03.12.2019 PB Diversion of 0.2103 ha of forest land for construction of approach road to M/s CN IFFCO Private Ltd. (Frozen Foods) at Village Sehjomajra & Rattipur on Sirhind Canal km. 3.9 Tehsil Samrala, Distt. Ludhiana Private Sehjomajra & Rattipur 0.2103 Approach Ludhiana Ludhiana Stage II Approved 04 March, 2019
4 65 9-PBB365-2019-CHA
FP/PB/IRRIG/40633/2019 FCA/1980/265/2019/606 06.12.2019 09.12.2019 PB Diversion of 2.248 ha (instead of 2.213 ha) (P.F. Area=0.035ha+ Area closed u/s 4/5 of PLPA 1900=1.510 ha + Area delisted from PLPA. 1900=0.703 ha) of forest land in favour of Executive Engineer Rupnagar Head Works Rupnagar Water Resources Department Punjab for construction of Thappal-Muhewal-Jhinjari-Tarapur Lift Irrigation Scheme falling within the Jurisdiction of Forest Division and Distt. Rupnagar, Punjab Public 2.248 Irrigation Rupnagar Rupnagar Stage II Approved 08 September, 2020
5 66 9-PBB366-2019-CHA FP/PB/Road/37596/2018 FCA/1980/229/2019/618 06.12.2019 09.12.2019 PB Diversion of 0.616 ha forest area in favour of Executive Engineer Construction Division, PWD B&R, Sangrur for construction of Toll Plaza on Bhawnigarh-Sunam-Bhikhi-Kotshamir road from RD 48.470 to 49.050 under Distt. Mansa & Forest Division Mansa (Punjab) Public 0.616 Road Mansa Mansa Stage I Approved 20 December, 2019
6 67 9-PBB367-2019-CHA FP/PB/Road/29624/2017 FCA/1980/167/2017/623 10.12.2019 11.12.2019 PB Diversion of 0.268 ha of forest land for permission of approach road to Show Room in Gobind Enclave on Sirhind-Chunni road km. 11-12 L/s at Village Badali Ala Singh Tehsil & Distt. Fatehgarh Sahib under Forest Division Patiala, Punjab Public 0.268 Road Patiala Fatehgarh Sahib/Patiala Stage I Approved 27 December, 2019
7 68 9-PBC368-2019-CHA
FP/PB/Road/37029/2018 FCA/1980/138/2019/667 20.12.2019 23.12.2019 PB Diversion of 30.30 hec. Of forest land for construction of proposed road along canal (Kasur Branch Lower/Khem Karan Distributory) from Village Joura originating from MDr 62 (Tarn Taran Patti Road) to Village Mehmoodpura RD 0 to 30300 (Total Length 30.30 KM) Tehsil Patti, Distt. Taran Taran Public Mehmoodpura 30.3 Road Taran Taran Taran Taran Information Sought 28 July, 2020
8 69 9-PBC369-2019-CHA
FP/PB/Road/40487/2019 FCA/1980/212/2019/657 17.12.2019 19.12.2019 PB Diversion of 9.874 ha of forest land in favour of Central Works Division, PWD, B&R, Jalandhar for construction of four laning with paved side shoulders of road section KM 4.040 to 12.720 on Jalandhar- Kapurthala-Sultanpur Lodhi-Makhu NH-703 A in the State of Punjab on EPC Mode Forest division Jalandhar at Phillaur & Distt. Jalandhar Public 9.874 Road Jalandhar Jalandhar Stage II Approved 08 July, 2020
9 70 9-PBB370-2019-CHA
FP/PB/Approach/41760/2019 FCA/1980/36/2019/678 24.12.2019 26.12.2019 PB Diversion of 0.3947 ha of forest land permission for construction of Approach Road to School M/s The Sikh Educational Society of Shiromani Budha Dal Panjwan Takhat at Vill: Talwandi Sabo on Maur-Talwandi Sabo Road NH-254 KM 119-120 R/s Tehsil: Talwandi Sabo Distt.: Bathinda under Forest Division Bathinda Private Talwandi Sabo 0.3947 Approach Bathinda Bathinda Stage II Approved 04 May, 2020
10 71 9-PBB371-2019-CHA FP/PB/Road/37611/2019 FCA/1980/199/2019/689 27.12.2019 31.12.2019 PB Diversion of 0.704 hec of forest land in favour of Executive Engineer, Construction Division PWD B&R Sangrur for construction of Tool Plaza on Bhawanigarh-Sunam-Bhikhi-Kotshamir Road from RD 79.030 to 79.610 B/s village Ghuman Kalan, under District Mansa and forest division Mansa (Punjab) Public Ghuman Kalan 0.704 Road Mansa Mansa Stage I Approved 09 January, 2020