Proposals Received From State Government of Punjab and their Status
Sr. No. Sl. No./ Diary No. NRO File Number Letter Number of Sender Date of Sender/ Proposal Received in NRO on State Subject Public/Private Village Area Catagory Division District Status Date
1 34 9-PBB334-2019-CHA
FP/PB/Approach/39244/2019 FCA/1980/PBIP/67/2019/358 29.04.2019 01.05.2019 PB Diversion of 0.67898 hectares of forest lanf for approach access to private property "Megamall Walmart" of M/s Spirit Global Construction Pvt. Ltd. At Village Bhanohar on Ludhiana- Ferozepur Road of NH-95 (New NH-05) KM 92.310 RHS, Tehsil Mullanpur Dakha, Distt. Ludhiana Private Bhanohar 0.67898 Approach Ludhiana Ludhiana Stage II approved 31 August, 2020
2 35 9-PBB335-2019-CHA FP/PB/Rail/38345/2019 FCA/1980/66/2019/445 08.05.2019 09.05.2019 PB Diversion of 2.0212 ha of forest land for construction of TSS in Eastern Dedicaed Freight Corridor starting from Ludhiana in Punjab to Dhankuni in West Bengal and from Dadri to Mumbai on Ambala Shambu Rajpura Railway Line km. 273-274 R/s, Rajpura under Forest Division and Distt. Patiala Public 2.0212 Rail Patiala Patiala Stage I Approved 20 May, 2019
3 36 9-PBB336-2019-CHA
FP/PB/Others/36188/2018 FCA/1980/PBIP/33/2019/50 08.05.2019 09.05.2019 PB Diversion of 0.4049 ha of forest land for closed under PLPA section 4/5 construction of Sartaj Farm Fresh Product Limited at Village Rail Majra, Tehsil Balachaur Distt. Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar Hadbast No. 419 Khasra No. 174//1,174//2 under Forest Division Nawanshahar at Garhshankar, Punjab Rail Majra 0.4049 Others Nawashahar Garhshankar Stage II Approved 08 July, 2020
4 37 9-PBB337-2019-CHA
FP/PB/Rail/39674/2019 FCA/1980/PBIP/85/2019/71 09.05.2019 10.05.2019 PB Diversion of 1.291 ha Forest land for rail connectivity to proposed Green Field PFT of Hind Terminals Pvt Limited taking off from Kila Raipur Station on Ludhiana-Dhuri Section of Ambala Division of Northern Railway at Village Kila Raipur-1, Sub Tehsil Dehlon, Tehsil Ludhiana East, under Forest Division and Distt. Ludhiana Public Kila Raipur 1.291 Rail Ludhiana Ludhiana Stage II Approved 13 June, 2019
5 38 9-PBB338-2019-CHA FP/PB/Approach/32681/2018 FCA/1980/147/2018/82 22.05.2019 23.05.2019 PB Diversion of 0.5747 ha of forest land in favour of M/s Maya Builders for construction of approach road to Green Lotus Saksham Proposed Residential Project at Village Nabha & Chatt, Tehsil Zirakpur on Zirakpur-Patiala road km. 3.457 R/s under Forest Division and Distt. S.A.S. Nagar, Punjab Private Nabha & Chatt 0.5747 Approach S. A. S. Nagar S. A. S. Nagar Information Sought 04 June, 2019
6 39 9-PBB339-2019-CHA FP/PB/Approach/33584/2018 FCA/1980/179/2018/83 22.05.2019 23.05.2019 PB Diversion of 0.115414 ha. Of forest land for approach road to M/s Rajgarh Resort Village Chuharpur Kalan on Patiala-Sangrur Road km. 67-68 R/s Old (New NH-7 Km 272-273 L/s under forest division Patiala, Punjab Private Chuharpur Kalan 0.115414 Approach Patiala Patiala Information Sought 04 June, 2019
7 40 9-PBC340-2019-CHA
FP/PB/Road/38350/2019 FCA/1980/100/2019/165 19.06.2019 21.06.2019 PB Diversion of 7.67 ha of forest land for widening of road from Pathankot to Kullu road KM 5.550 to 11.975 B/side Forest Division & Distt. Pathankot in the State of Punjab (By. Executive Engineer, Central Works Division, PWD B&R Br., Pathankot) Public 7.67 Road Pathankot Pathankot Stage II Approved 05 September, 2019
8 41 9-PBA341-2019-CHA FP/PB/HYD/40592/2019 FCA/1980/135/2019/171-175 19.06.2019 21.06.2019 PB Diversion of 109.64 ha of forest land (49.32 ha Protected forest and 60.32 ha PLPA area excluding delisted area (58.75 ha) and river bed area (161.73 ha PF+3.78 ha PLPA Total 165.61 ha) out of 333.91 ha of forest land for Reservoir of Shapurkandi Dam Project in Tehsil Dhar Kalan Forest Division and Distt. Pathankot) Public 109.64 Hydel Pathankot Pathankot Information Sought 10 July, 2019
9 42 9-PBB342-2019-CHA FP/PB/Approach/36861/2017 FCA/1980/05/2019/808 21.06.2019 21.06.2019 PB Diversion of 0.4235 ha of forest land in favour of M/s Vikas Mineral Foods (P) Ltd. For construction of service road to Casavillaz Marriage Palace at Village Kakrali, Tehsil Derabassi on Mubarikpur-Ramgarh road km 4-5 R/s under Forest Division and Distt. S.A.S. Nagar, Punjab Private Kakrali 0.4235 Approach S. A. S. Nagar S. A. S. Nagar Stage I Approved 10 July, 2019
10 43 9-PBB343-2019-CHA
FP/PB/Road/16345/2015 FCA/1980/78/2019/125 14.06.2019 21.06.2019 PB Diversion of 3.900 ha of forest land for development to four lanes with paved side shoulders of Jalandhar-Hoshiarpur section of NH-03 (Oold name NH-70) from KM 8.00 to 11.00 in District Jalandhar under forest division Jalandhar Public 3.9 Road Jalandhar Jalandhar Stage II Approved 08 September, 2020
11 44 9-PBB-344/2019-CHA FP/PB/Approach/38147/2019 FCA/1980/84/2019/919 25.06.2019 26.06.2019 PB Diversion of 0.5304 ha of forest land for construction of approach access road to Residential Colony named "Heaven City" at Vill. Manawala on Jalandhar-Amritsar road, NH-1 (new NH-3) CH-447.485 (R.H.S.) tehsil & Distt. Amritsar Private Manawala 0.5304 Approach Amritsar Amritsar