Proposals Received From State Government of Punjab and their Status
Sr. No. Sl. No./ Diary No. NRO File Number Letter Number of Sender Date of Sender/ Proposal Received in NRO on State Subject Public/Private Village Area Catagory Division District Status Date
70 9-PBB370-2020-CHA FP/PB/Trans/46591/2020 Online 02.11.2020 PB "Diversion of 0.2576 ha (Mansa Division in 0.0276 ha and Bathinda Division 0.2300 ha) of forest in favour of PSTCL for construction of 400 KV DC Talwandi Sabo-Nakodar Proposed Lilo at proposed 400 KV Swicthing Station at Village Behman Jassa Singh Under Forest Division, Mansa and Bathinda, Punjab (FP/PB/Trans/46591/2020) " Public 0.2576 Tr. Line Bathinda & Mansa Bathinda & Mansa Stage I Approved 11 November, 2020
71 9-PBB371-2020-CHA FP/PB/Approach/45241/2020 Online 03.11.2020 PB Diversion of 0.003191 ha of forest land permission for construction of approach Access Gill Farm House (Marriage Palace) at Vill: Shatrana , Tehsil: Patran & Distt: Patiala, on Retgarh-Shatrana link road Km 29-30 R/S under Forest division Patiala. Private Shatrana 0.003191 Approach Patiala Patiala Stage I Approved 11 November, 2020
72 9-PBB372-2020-CHA FP/PB/Approach/39421/2019 Online 03.11.2020 PB diversion of 0.0278 ha of forest land permission for construction of Approach Access to Indoswift Warehousing Vill: Baprour on (NH-1) G.T road KM 216-217 L/S Tehsil: Rajpura, Distt: Patiala. Private Baprour 0.0278 Approach Patiala Patiala Stage I Approved 11 November, 2020
73 9-PBB-373/2020-CHA FP/PB/Approach/32119/2019 Online 03.11.2020 PB DIVERSION OF 0.0085 HA OF FOREST AREA FOR APPROACH ROAD TO PRINCE RESORT AT VILLAGE HAYATNAGAR, KALANAUR ROAD, TEHSIL & DISTRICT GURDASPUR Private Hayatnagar 0.0085 Approach Gurdaspur Gurdaspur
74 9-PBB374-2020-CHA FP/PB/Approach/44365/2020 Online 09.11.2020 PB Diversion 0.15079 Ha. of Forest Land for approach access road to Proposed Commercial Building (Avenue Supermarts Limited) at Village Hasanpur Prohtan on Patiala Sirhind Road, KM 5.329 (LHS) on MDR-31, Tehsil & Distt Patiala. Under Forest Division Patiala. Private Hasanpur Prohtan 0.15079 Approach Patiala Patiala Information Sought 17 November, 2020