Environmental Management and Pollution Control functions



To follow up implementation of conditions and safeguards laid down for projects/activities when environmental clearance is given;

To examine and analyse the Six Monthly Progress Reports from the Project Proponents vis-a-vis conditionalities in the Environmental Clearance (EC) and take further necessary action;

To do surprise and random checks/verifications of EC conditions of various projects by site visits;

To conduct enquiries as may be directed by the Ministry

To follow up pollution control measures taken by indurties, local bodies, Government (State/Centre)

To collect and furnish information relating to environmental impact assessment of projects, Pollution control measures, methodology and status, legal and enforecemtn measures, environmental protection for special conservation areas like wetlands, mangroves, and biosphere reserves;

To mantain liasion and provide linkage with the concerned State Government with Central Government Agencies (including Regional Offices of BSI, FSI & ZSI) with project authories, with the Regional Office of the Central Pollution Control Board; with State Pollution Control Boards and with non-Government Organisation involved in implementation of programmes relating to environment;

To organize workshops and State Pollution Control Board and State Evironment Department to acquaint with the application and Hazardous Management Rules and Public Liability Act; and;

Uploading on their website the Six Monthly Progress reports of compliance and site visit reports;