1. To implement the provisions of Forest (Conservation) Act (FCA), 1980.
  2. To deal with forest diversion proposals up to 5 ha under Forest (Conservation) Act 1980. Proposals having area > 5 ha will be put up before Regional Empowered Committee (REC) for necessary decision. Integrated Regional Office has been empowered to deal with all linear projects irrespective of their areas. All proposals involving forest land above 5 hectares and up to forty hectares, proposals relating to Mining, encroachments and hydel projects involving forest land upto 5 hectares are also put up before the Regional Empowered Committee.
  3. To conduct the site inspection on its own or on the direction of Ministry of Environment Forest, & Climate Change, New Delhi.
  4. To ask report from Punjab, Haryana, UT of Chandigarh on violation of provision of Forest (Conservation) Act and Environmental Acts and to take appropriate action on it.
  5. To monitor/review the stipulations as laid down in approval letters.
  6. To consider the approval of management plans/working plans and schemes of State Government and UT CGovernment as per existing guidelines for writing working plans/schemes keeping in view the National Forest Policy 1988 and directions of Hon'ble Supreme Court in Civil Writ Petitiion 202 of 1995 read with 171 of 1996.
  7. To examine and put before the Regional Empowered Committee all proposals for felling in forest land, which are beyond the approved capacity or approved species of the working plans.




  1. Monitoring of projects approved from environment angle.
  2. To keep liaison with State Pollution Control Boards.

Any other work assigned by the Ministry.

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